Cảm biến ECW-XP2

Thông số kỹ thuật cảm biến khối lượng ECW-XP2

ECW-XP2+/ECW-XP3+ Inductive Elevator Loading Weighing Device Instruction Manual

  • Type Selection:
  • ECW-XP2+:Applicable to elevator with moveable car-platform in need of 2-channel signals as full-load and over-load.
  • ECW-XP3+:Applicable to elevator with moveable car-platform in need of 3-channel signals as light-load, full-load and over-load.
Application Range Applicable to all elevators with moveable car platform in need of overload signal with a inspection clearance of 0~9.9/19.9mm
Sensitivity ≤1%(electric quota)
System Error ≤3%(5~40℃)

Output Mode Light-Load Relay Dyn. Close; Operate for 10% Rated load (Not for ECW-XP2)

Relay Dyn. Close; Operate for 80% rated load

Relay Dyn. Open;Operate for 100% rated load

Contact Capacity:DC/AC 48V/500mA

Operation Ambient Temperature -25~55℃
Power Supply DC/AC 24V(±10%),Whole set operating current≤100mA
Install Position Elevator Moveable car-platform
Overall Size See Fig. 30X30X52.5mm3


Method 1:Load Autotuning

Applicable for accurate control output

Method 2:Displacement Setting

Applicable for known system no-load to rated load displacement variation

No-load Positioning:


No-load positioning Operation:
End of Installation and adjustment
System Status Indication and Output:Status Indication of system to magnet from far to near

  • Green light shines:System is too far from magnet;
  • Green and Red Alternates:System is near no-load point.
  • Yellow light twinkles:System is between no load and light load;
  • Green light twinkles:System is between light load and full load; J1Light-load dyn Close output;(Not for ECW-XP2+)
  • Red light twinkles:System is between full load and overload; J2 Full load dyn. Close output
  • Red light shines:System is too near to magnet, overload; J3 Over load dyn. Open output;
Note:To extend to 0~19.9mm,it need to take Method 2 to let“Red light twinkling”more than 10 times.


  • Output Operation Range:
Payload W Lightload (ECW-XP3+Specific) Full-load Over-load
Control Relay J1 Dyn. Close J2 Dyn. Close J3 Dyn. Open
Operation Range W>10% 80%≥W≤100% W>100%
LED Status Ind. Green light twinkles Red light twinkles Red light shines
  • Others:
Accessory: Inductive Magnet[20×20×3mm3] 1piece Fastening Nut Φ4X20 2sets

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