Cảm biến MPM426W

Thông số kỹ thuật Microsensor MPM426W

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IP68 MPM436W Submersible Level Transducer with 2 wire

1. IP68
3.Stainless steel
4. Full sealed
5. Submersible

3.Urban water supply
5.Liquid level


Pressure range MPM436W 0.5 1 2mH2O
Overpressure 1.5 times FS (MPM436W: 10 times FS)
Accuracy MPM436W +0.5%FS(min.) +1.0%FS(max.)
Stability error MPM436W +5mmH2O(typ.)
Temp. drift MPM436W ≤±0.15%FS/10ºC(-20ºC~+70ºC)
Transmitting 2-wire 3-wire 3-wire
Power supply 15~30VDC(Intrinsic safe version is supplied through safe barrier) 15~28VDC 15~28VDC
Output signal 4~20mADC 0~10/20mADC 0/1~5/10VDC
Load (Ω) <(U-15)/0.02A* <(U-15)/0.02A >5k
Material contacting with media Housing: SS lCr18Ni9Ti Seal parts: Viton
Rubber casing: NBR Cable: Φ7.5mm PVC/Polyurethane cable with vented tube
Diaphragm: SS 316L(MPM426W);96% alumina ceramic(MPM436W)
Operation temp. MPM436W -30ºC~+70ºC;
Storage temp. -30ºC~85ºC
Protection IP68 (sensor part); IP65 (connection box)
Ex-proof class ExiaIICT6

MPM436W only can be 2-wire transmitting; power supply 12~30VDC, load<(U-12)/0.02A-Rwire(kΩ); U is power supply valrage, Rwire is wire resistance.

Order Guide

MPM426W/436W Submersible Level Transmitter
Range (mH2O) [0~XmH2O]L L: cable length; suggested L-X=(1~2)m
code Output signal
E 4~20mADC
F 1~5VDC
J 0~5VDC
Q 0~10mADC
U 0~20mADC
V 0~10VDC
Code Construction material
Diaphragm Pressure port Housing Only for MPM426W
22 SS 316L SS SS
24 SS 316L SS 316L SS 316L
25 Tantalum SS SS
Code Others
M1 0~100% hand pointer indicator
Ya Aluminum connection box with display
Yb Aluminum connection box without display
Yc MS200 water-proof connection box(default)
Yd PD140 lightening-proof protection device
i Intrinsic safe version ExiaIICT6
C1 M20×1.5 male, face type seal Only for MPM426W
C3 G1/2 male
C5 M20×1.5 male, waterline seal
T Ship-use
F1 Fixed flange
MPM426W [0~3mH2O]5 E 22 YiC1 the whole spec

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