Cảm biến mức MPM4700

Thông số kỹ thuật Cảm biến Micro sensor

MPM4700 Intelligent Level Transmitter MPM4700

·Pressure Range: 0~100mH2O
·RS485 communication interface(Custom protocol)
·Netting application
·RoHS Certificate


Basic range(mH2O) 3.5 7 10 20 35 70 100 200
Overpressure(mH2O) 5 10 15 30 50 100 150 300
Note: The min.shrinked available range is 1/5 of basic range;

For the other pressure range between min.range and max.range, but not indicated on the above table, we enlarge the above basic pressure range to produce (overpressure unavailable);

Total accuracy ①③ ±0.075%FS(min.) ±0.1%FS(typ.) ±0.25%FS(max.)
Stability ±0.2%FS/year
Compensation temp. ② -10℃~70℃
Operation temp. -10℃~80℃
Storage temp. -40℃~100℃
Power supply 10V~28VDC(RS485), 12V~30VDC(HARTâ)
10V~12VDC(The Ann model, the security gate power supply)
Output 4mA~20mADC
·RS485 communication interface(Custom protocol)

or HARTâcommunication protocol

Load 4mA~20mADC output,(U-12V)/0.02A(Ω)
RS485 bus line could connect with 99 transmitter
Insulation 100MΩ/50V
Shock 20g,20Hz~5000Hz
Impact 20g,11ms
Protection IP68(Transmitter part);IP65(Junction box part)
Media compatibility Diaphragm: stainless steel 316L
Housing: stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti
O-ring: Viton
Weight ~250g

①Total accuracy: including non-linearity, hysteresis, repeatability and thermal error;

②For special temperature requirement, please contact with our company;

③For pressure range 3.5mH2O ad 7mH2O, after shrinking, the total accuracy is60.5%FS

Order Guide:

MPM4700 HART â Intelligent Level Transmitter
    Range Pressure range :0m~3.5m…200mH2O
[0m~XmH2O]L X=actual pressure range, L=cable length , suggested L-X=(1~2)m
    Code Output signal
E 4mA~20mADC
R4 RS485 communication interface, Custom protocol


H HARTâ communication protocol
    Code Construction material
Diaphragm Interface Housing
22 SS 316L SS SS
24 SS 316L SS 316L SS 316L
    Code Others
C1 M20×1.5 male, face type seal
C5 M20×1.5 male, waterline seal
Yb Aluminum connection box without display
Yc MS200 water-proof connection box(default)
Yd PD140 lightening-proof protection device
Ye connection box(with display or without display)
F1 Fixed flange
i Intrinsic safe version ExiaⅡBT6 Ga
T Ship-use
MPM4700 [0m~10mH2O]12 ER4 22 Yc the whole spec

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